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Where Women Are Kings: A Novel – Book Review

This One Pulls Your Heartstrings!

Where Women Are Kings by Christie Watson is, simply put, a heavy and disturbing book that stirs the most profound emotions in you with its words and story. About a tragic tale faced by a family, it is definitely not the book to be delved into on those lazy Sundays or when on a break. It is hard-hitting; it brings us face to face with some of the brutal realities of this world, which usually slip out of our minds.

Story Plot

This is the story of Elijah, a 7-year-old Nigerian boy who cannot live with his birth mother because of the mental illness that makes her harm her son. Before he leaves her to live with his adopted parents, Elijah has to suffer a lot of trauma from his ill mother and the countless exorcist expeditions, which she takes him to rid him of the evil spirits she believes possess him. After living with many foster families, he is adopted by a British-Nigerian couple, Nikki and Obi. This is the family Elijah has been craving for, one that offers unconditional love and protection.

Though the couple has welcomed Elijah into their home and hearts, they have to struggle to make Elijah cope with his past and develop into a man who is confident and doesn’t believe himself to be the cause of all his troubles. The story is about how Nikki and Obi deal with the situations of raising a child who suffers from mental trauma. Soon they discover his emotional upheaval is a significant cause of concern because of the harm they cause him and others.


There are many nicely edged out characters in Where Women Are Kings, but the one you will get affected by most is Elijah. His sufferings and struggles will leave you teary-eyed and make your heartache for many children who are suffering the same fate as him.

Writing Style

Writing about a sensitive topic like humans being possessed with demons and evils, mental disorders, adoption, etc. is never easy. Like the topics, your writing needs to be sensitive too. And Christie Watson’s is just that. She has a gift of telling a heart and guts wrenching story with the calming and soothing tone of a grandmother telling stories to kids.


Where Women Are Kings gets a full 5/5 stars from us. It touches the heart, bringing out emotions; you never thought existed! Not many books can do that. Go for it if you do not mind being disturbed in the head and heart about events that are sadly a reality for many families out there.