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When Spring Comes to the DMZ – Book Review

The title of the book When Spring Comes to the DMZ and its photo cover, both made us want to know more about it, which ended in us reading it. The illustrative novel is by Uk-Bae Lee, even his name is unusual! Here is the review of the book for you, have a look.

What’s it about?

We were so fascinated and excited by the title, cover and the prospect of reading the story with illustrations that we didn’t bother going through its synopsis. We directly opened the book ad started reading. This book is unlike what we thought of i.e., fun and light. It is a serious book about Korean conflict and war. The book takes the reader through four seasons at the heavily weaponized demilitarized zone in Korea. Adding hope to the war-torn city is the colorful nature blooming in complete contrast with the human sacrifices happening all around.

The quirkiness of this story is it brings the reader face to face with the tension and disturbances created by war without mentioning a word about it! There is no description of the Korean War but of the zone through beautiful illustrations. It gives a glimpse of the entire zone with its long razor fences where no humans are allowed, military performing exercises, loaded tanks, etc. The 2.5-mile-wide, 150-mile-long fence area has attracted a number of animals who roam freely around the place without any inhibitions that bind the humans at the place.

The story is told through poetic language, which is quite endearing. The colorful illustrations, also by the author, offer excellent support to the writing. Through this story author, Uk-Bae Lee, wants to appeal for peace and freedom.


We rate the book 4/5 stars.¬†Though this is a sob story and a little mature for young kids, it is an essential story that needs to be told. And When Spring Comes to the DMZ is the best one to do that with its simple lyrical language and beautiful illustrations. It’s not only a great read for kids but also adults.