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We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Simple and intriguing book cover played the best part in making me choose this book to read. I would like to rate 3.5/5.

Speaking of the title We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves combined with the book cover, it sounds pretty vague and I honestly thought the book is filled with artistic thoughts and actions or so. I would rate the title a 3/5. Pretty much a good cover for a depressing book.

The plot revolves around a simple perfectly happy family which then becomes pretty much a broken one. Disclaimer: do not read if you love animals or if you are a person who gets disturbed by graphic details.

The author has penned witty in such a way that the content sounds in a positive way through the story is based on a bad life and negative vibes.
I loved the way how the narrator of the story is very realistic but few might find it depressing as the emotions involved are quite complex and thus it would be good if young-adults and above such age-group read the book.

The author has carried the main character very well and has made sure that the character is fully developed. The best part is that the author has the ability to unfold serious issues in a very neutral way. The language employed is very simple and therefore, it is to follow, with not much need for a dictionary.

Personally, I did not love the entire book and there are a lot of gory details about animal violence which I hated the most as an animal lover. The book has a good storyline and is a one-time read!


Speaking of the overall book, I would like to rate the book, 3.5/5 and would recommend it for young adults to understand the complexity of emotions involved along with the gory details.