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The Veins of the Ocean: A Novel – Book Review

A Heart-Touching Story about some of the Most Fragile & Strong Human Emotions

The Veins of the Ocean is about undying bonds, seeking redemptions from your sins, and finding peace at the end. Reading this novel by astounding writer Patricia Engel, you will wish it was longer than it is.

Story Plot

Reina Castillo is devastated. Her brother is given the death sentence for committing a heinous crime. But that is not the sole reason for her troubles. She is suffering from an unliftable weight of guilt. Because she blames herself for the crime, her brother committed. After her brother is dead, she moves away to a sleepy town in the Florida Keys to live life anonymously. There, in the company of exhilarating and rushing currents of the ocean and an exiled Cuban named Nesto, she finds new hope. Reina is finally looking forward to a life without the burden of her past pains and guilt.


Patricia Engel gives this unusual story about compassion, redemption and solace a powerful voice. Her writing touches chords and makes the reader actually feel the noose of guilt and confinement tightening around Reina’s neck. Like Reina, the readers are made to feel what freedom after long years of captivity in one’s own negative emotions feels like. This is an achievement.


The Veins of the Ocean gets 4.5/5 stars from us! We absolutely loved the book and idea. The twisted life of the protagonist and how she struggles to live a life of peace and freedom connects with the reader significantly.