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The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food by Jenipher Lyn

Informative and Refreshing, this Book is the Best Food for a Nature Lover’s Soul

The Seed Underground… is a non-fiction book inspired by the author’s personal experiences and those she came to know in her journey to save the food revolution. This book is all about saving earth and humans and other beings that inhabit it by saving seeds- the very foundation of life. The author, through her narrative, offers a solution to the increasing issue of climate change. Through this book, the author plants a seed in the reader’s mind about saving food through practical and straightforward methods.

Written by naturalist, activist and poet, Janisse Ray, this book highlights the importance of saving crops for the future generation through awareness and action that needs to start right now. She introduces the readers to plants and flowers with properties that make one feel they are, for a while, reading a fairy tale.

Providing immortality, having knowledge of good and evil, having the ability to flower when sown in a barren land, these are some of the mysterious qualities of nature that is all around us yet so pitiably neglected and destroyed by us.

Ray takes the reader on this magical journey of plants and the need to protect and preserve them through her poetic and conversational words. She recounts her childhood, where she learned to save seeds and see them grow after planting them herself. She describes tales from the lives of other such passionate people.

Thus, through this informative and delightful read, Ray wants to encourage us to make a difference in our small way and appreciate what’s available to us, thereby reducing wastage. She even lists things to do to make the difference, such as eating organic, grow your food, save the seeds, among others.

The Good

  • A great amount of information about plants and how to sustain life through them
    The exciting narrative by the author

The Bad

  • Some parts don’t offer as much information as one might want


This book deserves an excellent 3.8/5 star rating. It is a light read and can be picked when out traveling. It is recommended for both experienced and beginner gardeners and all those who are worried about the fate of this planet and its inhabitants, both present and future, and want to do something about it.