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The Secret of Zoom by Lynne Jonell

Beginning with the cover of the book, I would like to rate 4/5- for it is interesting, intriguing and definitely played a major factor in making me choose the book and turn the pages.

Speaking of the title No products found., combined with the book cover, it sounds like witchcraft but the content is of a totally different genre; no complaints, but the cover could have been a bit more precise. I would rate the same for 2.9/5.

The plot revolves around a “protective” single father who lives with his daughter in a secluded place deep down the forest and has always isolated her from the outside world. Everything takes a quick turn when she befriends an orphan in the next building- whether it is for good or worse is to read and know.

The author, Lynne Jonell has penned wittily in such a way that it is incredibly humorous and engaging to the extent that children would love to read beyond their bed-time or discuss the plot with the family with great enthusiasm. Interestingly, the book has inspired a lot of kids to read books rather than using their mobiles or computers.

Lynne has boldly spoken on the unspoken aspects of orphans, where they are very vulnerable to cruelty, but when they go missing, no one actually questions the same.
The language employed is very simple and therefore, it is easy for kids to follow, with no need for a dictionary.

Personally, I loved the climax of the book as it is sure to bring a roller coaster of emotions.
The best part about the book is that it isn’t a very sexist or gender-oriented stereotypical book where a beautiful young lady seeks a happily ever after future with a man who she barely knows. The story is quite realistic where the main character showcases her raw emotions of missing her mother and socializes in a way that she understands that all relationships aren’t perfect and indeed she needs to give, take, respect to maintaining any relationship.

The Good

  • The overall flow of the book is pretty good – 300 odd pages book can be completed in less than a week. I finished the book in 3 to 4 days.
  • A good head-start for kids who love adventure fiction books.
  • Kids can relate to the characters in the book.

The Bad

  • The book is meant for kids, however, the overall content where a lot of chapters explain cruel actions vividly, the book will be suitable for kids with a bit of mature mind or can be read in the presence of an adult.


Speaking of the overall book, I would like to rate The Secret of the Zoom a whooping 4.2/5 and would recommend for kids above the age of 12 as the book is definitely a promise of testing the emotional intelligence.

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