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The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens

A Must-Pick Adventure for Kids

Kids below the age of 8 years are bound to enjoy The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel. The sisters are known for their many illustrated storybooks for kids. They have won many awards and are recognized amongst the most popular children, storybook authors and illustrators.


There is a town deep underground where prairie dogs live happily. But trouble begins when Violet, the dog, drops her ball in the underground hole. The green fuzzy ball creates a scare amongst the prairie dogs. But soon they discover the thing that is scaring them is something they can weave fashionable creations out of!

They pull the fuzz from the ball and wrap themselves in hats, belts, Indian headdresses and more. But now a worry looms over the dogs. What if the fuzz gets over? So the pack, protected by a bossy Big Bark, struggles and finds ways to save the fuzz from running out or getting lost.


The Great Fuzz Frenzy can be termed as a story cum poetry book. It has colourful illustrations with relevant writings in poetic style accompanying them. Kids will have fun reading the story and matching the descriptions with the characters and situations.


  • Beautiful, colourful illustrations
  • Poetic storytelling
  • Humorous and fun story


A clear winner when it comes to kids’ entertainment. This is a must-buy book by parents and teachers for their kids and students. We rate it 4.5/5.