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The Fault In Our Stars : Book Review

A Journey of Charm, Insight About Life, and Laughter Mixed with Tragedy.

When we think of author John Green, the 1st and, in most cases, the only book that crops in mind is The Fault In Our Stars. This book, published in 2012, has won several accolades, including the New York Times number 1 Bestseller tag. It has also been adapted on the big screen with the same name. This review is for those who are yet to explore the world of Hazel and Augustus and are unsure whether they should give it a try. So let us start with the story plot, don’t worry, no spoilers ahead. 😊

This is a story about teenagers Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Their terminal illnesses become the reason for their meeting. The Cancer Kid Support Group is where these two terminally ill patients first set eyes on each other. But the first meeting is not at all what you would think, the tried and tested love at first sight kind. Their story is not at all lovey-dovey but an unusual one that touches depth as it moves forward.

But this love story too gets punctuated by fate. While these teenagers have a dream of a beautiful future in mind, their stars don’t agree with them. If you are a quote collector, get ready to be mesmerized by some of the most beautiful lines on love spoken by the main characters.

John Green narrates the story through the voice of Hazel Grace. Green has given her an engaging tone, which makes the plot even more interesting to read than it already is. For a book that is about loss and tragedy, the writing is very positive, funny and even chirpy. There is a life lesson here- Your life may seem unfair and depressing at times, but you can live life with positivity and happiness. The Fault In Our Stars moves you and makes you see life in a new light.

Another best thing about this book is its central and supporting characters. You will fall in love with Augustus Waters, with his wit and carefree attitude and at parts a positive approach towards things. Hazel will charm you with her view of things, people and situations. The friends of the two will provide that dose of laughter so needed in this emotional story. The author makes the parents of the teenagers impactful, too, by giving them memorable scenes and emotional depth.

The Good

  • Connectable characters
  • Moving and believable storyline
  • The engaging writing style

The Bad

  • Over usage of the word, ‘okay’ shared between the main characters is annoying after a point.


I would give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. Once you start reading, you will find you are unable to stop. It is among those books that grip you right from the 1st sentence. Overall, this book is unmissable! Even if you have seen the movie, do take out time to read the book, it’s a lot more detailed than a 90-minute film can cover.