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The Cat in the Hat Beginner Books(R) – Book Review

We were in the mood for a book that made us go back to our sweet, innocent childhood. Who better to take you there than Dr. Seuss! And we wanted to go back to the very beginning when we had just started reading. So we picked The Cat in the Hat Beginner Books(R), a delightful read for very young kids. This famous book by Dr. Seuss is a must pick for parents and teachers. Read our review to know why.

What’s it About?

Dick and Sally are trapped inside their home. All because the sky has decided to rain and snow like crazy on this day. They cannot go out to play. They have nothing to occupy them at home. So all they do is sit, sit, sit and do nothing.

And then, suddenly, a cat springs out of somewhere, shaking up their boredom and letting them have some fun. This cat is an unusual one. It wears a hat, a bow tie and carries a blue umbrella. The cat’s ideas of fun, making the children crack with laughter and get all cheered up in no time. But there’s one tiny problem, the cat in displaying one its tricks has turned the house upside down!

This cheery and entertaining book is written in Dr. Seuss’s trademark poetic and rhyming style that brings out laughter and excitement in both young and old. The rhymes are accompanied by fun illustrations that only add to the appeal of this book.

3 Reasons to Get This Book for Your Little One:

  • It Helps Your Kid Learn to Read

This book is primarily meant for kids learning to read. It has rhymes with a rhythm and repetitions that enables the kids to understand each word and learn to pronounce it correctly.

  • It Is a Great Read Aloud Book

If your child is not into reading much, you can read it to him or her. The impactful and straightforward poems in the book are more fun and engaging when read aloud to an exciting kid. Also, reading to children helps develop the activities of their brains. It also improves speech skills because the child is likely to repeat what you are reading, or you could ask him or her to do so, making it one of the most looking forward to activities for you and your tiny tot.

  • It Teaches Important Life Lessons

Not just this book, Dr. Seuss’s creations are all filled with crucial life lessons that need to be imbibed into the kids early on. Through the fun stories and illustrations in his books, he helps the young kids inculcate essential life lessons like caring for mother earth, helping those in need, etc.


No less than 5 Stars! We enjoyed reading The Cat in the Hat Beginner Books(R) just like any child learning to read would. This book is a perfect way to keep your kid entertained and indulged when he or she has got nothing significant to do.