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The Adventures of Polo Series by Regis Faller

The Adventures of Polo Series by Regis Faller
Genre: Picture Books – Wordless
My Rating: 4.36/5

The cover of the book The Adventures of Polo Series is very funnily intriguing and played the best part in making me choose this book to read. The title definitely is spot-on as well: Pretty much a good cover, kudos to the one who selected it!

The picture book basically revolves around the adventures of Polo. I really love the story and the illustration! I loved the way the illustrator of the story is very realistic in sketches; it felt very real and near. Wittily humorous and engaging.
The author has carried the overall book very well and the best part is that the author has the ability to unfold every adventure with much zeal and enthusiasm. The language employed is very simple and therefore, it is to follow, with not much need for a dictionary.


I would like to rate the book, 4.36/5 and would recommend it to all; no age-bar to read, I would say!