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Steel Trapp: The Challenge by Ridley Pearson

An Action-Filled Young Adult Novel!

Action, suspense, thrill, it’s all in there. Ridley Pearson's Steel Trapp: The Challenge has all the ingredients to make you forget the world and be lost in its gripping story for long. This action novel about a young adult is the first book in a 2 part series.

Story plot

This story is about a 14-year-old boy named Steven Trapp. But he is seldom known by his real name. He is most famous as Steel Trapp; the boy blessed with a rare gift of remembering anything he sees. Apart from having a photographic memory, he also has the most intelligent brain. He is smart enough to participate in the National Science Challenge held in Washington, D.C., Accompanied by his mother and dog, Steel and his invention make their way towards competition.

As he travels in a train towards his destination, he notices a lady getting down the train, but without the briefcase, she entered with. Naturally, Steel runs after her to hand over her briefcase. But uh oh, she curtly denies owning it! Before Steel could realize what is happening, he is being accused of heinous crimes he could never imagine committing. What follows is a chase adventure full of action, puzzle-piecing and suspense.

Writing Style

Ridley Pearson is an intelligent writer. He knows where to make the reader pause and think about when to bring in the surprise element. His imagination with the story is remarkable. His writing pace makes this a page-turner. He is also a great describer of things, people and situations, making you visualize everything you read without any efforts.


A soul of any story apart from the story is its characters. And Pearson creates a varied mix of personalities that lead his story. There are FBI agents with a secretive charm and whizz kids that add salt in this rich and delicious literary broth.


I’ll give Steel Trapp: The Challenge a 4-star rating. It’s an intelligent and suspense novel mixed with plenty of action that is very appealing. If you are passionate about action-packed adventurer stories, I don’t see why you shouldn’t read Steel Trapp.