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Robicheaux (Dave Robicheaux Novel) – Book Review

From the acclaimed crime writer, James Lee Burke comes this another thrilling novel, Robicheaux (Dave Robicheaux Novel). Robicheaux is about the famous detective who is also the hero of 20 novels by the author. This time, it’s not a case that the detective is handling. It is him proving his innocence for a crime committed by a dead criminal.

The Story

Detective Dave Robicheaux is mourning his wife’s death by drinking excessively. She was taken away from him and murdered brutally. In and out of his consciousness, he once wakes up to find bruises on his hands, knowing nothing about how they came to be there. Then he receives the information that the man who murdered his wife has been found dead by a cop.

Robicheaux visits the crime scene and eventually puts two and two together. His bruised hands and the killing of the murderer may be linked. His life is in danger because the circumstances are proving him to be the killer of the man.

Now the detective has the task of proving the killer’s whereabouts; otherwise, he will be suspected and charged for his wife’s murder. Read the journey of how the detective proves his innocence and what horrors lie in his path.

The Writing

The writing style and language of James Lee Burke will make you fall in love with the mystery genre. He makes the thrilling story more compelling and engaging with his rich vocabulary and description of situations. The characters always stand out in his mysteries and it is true for this one too.

Even if you haven’t read the previous Robicheaux titles, you should go for this one. This thriller doesn’t follow the previous ones and is a standalone novel.


Robicheaux gets 4.5/5 stars from us. The book is a thrilling, spine chilling novel that will keep you hooked for hours at a time. This novel is for anyone who likes murder mysteries and those who are fans of James Lee Burke’s works.