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Porch Parties: Cocktail Recipes and Easy Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining

If you are a party lover, you might have come across or heard about this book. Porch Parties is a 2010 novel and available in hardcover and kindle edition. It is authored by Denise Gee and has beautiful photographs by Robert M. Peacock.

What’s it about?

The name tells it all. Cocktail recipes and easy ideas for outdoor entertainment. The book aims to making each one of the party lovers into excellent hosts and let them master the art of throwing parties while having loads of fun while doing it. It contains around 50 recipes of cocktails including non-alcoholic drinks and 10 complimentary snacks.

The author has ensured that she mentions only those snack recipes that are extremely simple and quick to make. Because her attention is more on cocktails, a party is incomplete without a perfect glass of exhilarating punches and sippers.

Her outdoor entertainment ideas are also very inspiring and supremely easy to organise. This collection serves as a handy guide to refer to everytime you throw a party.

The Writing and Presentation

When you open this book, you are likely to mistake it for a thick menu. The content of the book are styled in a menu style. The following chapters are presented in a highly creative way that makes reading it pure fun and goes well with the theme of the book. The photographs by Peacock make you understand what the writer is ideating perfectly.


We give this hardcover book 4/5 stars. Porch Parties: Cocktail Recipes and Easy Ideas for Outdoor Entertaining is a very informative read for anyone who likes hosting parties.