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Oxford Through the Lens : Book Review

The Wonderful World of Oxford Captured Through the Brilliant Lens of Douglas Vernimmen. The story told through pictures and not words. That is Oxford Through the Lens by celebrated photographer and author Douglas Vernimmen. This book is a collection of photographs that capture the famed University of Oxford at its very best and unseen.

The Story through the Lens

This book will let you view the magnificent university through every angle closely. It’s like taking a tour of the university through the movement of your fingers and not legs. Douglas makes sure you not only get a view of the university from the outside but get to peek inside too. He has skilfully captured moments that let you understand how the university works and knows the people, staff and the students that inhabit it. The collection freshens the history of the university in the viewers’ minds and also introduces them to the many unknown facets of it.

What’s Captured?

Douglas has not left any part of the place untouched by his lens. It’s all there- the ancient and mystical university building, the colleges that are a hub for thinking, reading and dining, the Bodleian Library-one of the largest in the world, the iconic Clarendon Building and The Sheldonian Theatre and more.

Vernimmen’s lens also shoots Oxford city at its best and worst. He captures the city waking up to a crisp winter morning and reveling before the first melting of snow, the university’s most popular sports being hosted by the river, and lots more. One of the photos also captures the 2007 summer floods that made the river swell. Such beautiful and alluring photography fills the 160 pages of the book.

Features Oxford Through the Lens Book

  • Beautiful and expressive collection of photographs of the university and the city
  • The shots are taken by Douglas Vernimmen, who has featured in 60 international exhibitions and won over 150 international awards
  • Forward written by famous crime novel writer, Colin Dexter


Giving any rating to this book doesn’t feels right. It’s a work of art that lets you explore a city and makes you feel a part of it. This book is for every Oxford enthusiast- of both the city and the university. Go for it, Oxford fan or no, you will thoroughly enjoy it.