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Outlaw Journalist: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson – Book Review

Beginning with the cover of the book Outlaw Journalist, I would like to rate 4/5 for the sense of madness or fear or maybe both mixed type of feeling. It gives the creeps but yet intrigues them to read more. Well, you can be sure that that’s the reason why I chose this book to read in the first place!

Speaking of the title combined with the book cover, it sounded as if the author is going to take up sides (negative or positive) instead of narrating the biography. Maybe we can call it the power of perception by our mind and through the content, the author has proved to break such perceptions through his narration style. Not giving away too much too soon, I would like to rate the title 4/5 for the way it attracts readers!

The biography revolves around a man who is incredibly famous, charming, and controversial but deep inside is going through a tough time by suffering mental issues.

The author has penned beautifully in such a way that the content goes in a simple spiral throughout the story. Since the story is based on a bad mental phase of the person, it would have all gone wrong if the author would have taken sides; thankfully he didn’t do so and has beautifully balanced the art of storytelling without giving away his thoughts into anything.

I loved the way how the author has penned the story very realistically and has made the character relatable as a common man and that’s quite impressive and I loved it the best!

Few might find it depressing as the emotions involved are related to mental health and thus it would be good if young-adults and above such age-group read the book. The ending left me in tears. The book has a very good storyline and you sure to get a good view of life! A lifetime treasure!


Speaking of the overall book, I would like to rate this book, a whopping 5/5 and would recommend for young adults to understand the complexity of emotions involved.