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Maximum Ride – Manga Edition by James Patterson and NaRae Lee

The book Maximum Ride basically revolves around a group of people who are blessed to fly. Everything seemed like a perfect daydream for them until one of their gang members get abducted by evil forces. What follows next is a seat edge thriller.

The author has penned wittily in such a way that the content keeps going deeper and deeper and takes the reader along with it into the magical land of the story (I am using flowery language because that’s how much I really love the story and the illustration!)

I loved the way how the illustrator of the story is very realistic in sketches; it felt very real and near. The author has carried the overall book very well and the best part is that the author has the ability to unfold every twist and turn in a very good way.

Personally, I loved the entire book and there are is no aspect which I would say to be boring or such.


Speaking of the overall book, I would like to rate the book, 3.9/5 and would recommend it to anime lovers.