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Mastering The Mechanics Of Civil Jury Trials – Book Review

Mastering The Mechanics Of Civil Jury Trials is an informative read for a person practicing law. The book written by Tyler G Draa offers insights about the court trial and strategy explained by authors Doris Cheng, Maureen Harrington and Franklin E Bondonno. This makes it a multiple-author sort of book. Here is our review of the book.

This is a manual that was converted into the book format. It has interesting facts and strategies involving the craft of conducting civil court trials. The authors are experienced lawyers and impart knowledge and share their decade long experience in the field.

They offer theories and how it can be made practical for trial procedures. They stress on how the experience of the lawyer can affect the case he or she is conducting. In other words, they want to say, the amount of cases a lawyer has handled decides the fate of their future cases.

But what if a lawyer has just started out? For inexperienced lawyers, the authors have this advice- be ready and on your toes, always. A court trial can take any unpredictable route, they explain, and the lawyer has to be prepared for any kind of circumstances without losing the grip and letting the senses make a run for it if the proceedings go against them.

There are many tips, strategies and guidance on how to master the civil court cases in this book. The authors have not left any procedure or strategy undiscussed, making it a very informative and insightful read for both amateur and experienced lawyers.


Mastering The Mechanics Of Civil Jury Trials gets 4/5 stars. Every lawyer, aspiring or experienced, should immediately read this book if they haven’t already.