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Manatee Insanity by Craig Pittman – Book Review

Manatee Insanity is a book by award-winning journalist Craig Pittman. Though Manatee Insanity is a few years old novels, it feels much right to read it now when the whole world is going through a natural crisis. Pittman brings forth the burning issue of war over saving one of the endangered species of Florida through his gripping journalist pen.

What’s It About?

Manatee. The most famous endangered species of Florida. They have been the most controversial species too for the past 40 years. The quiet creatures topped the list of endangered species issued in the year 1967. There has been a difference in opinions related to this sea mammal. Some considered it lovable while others loathed it. Some thought it was for the best that they were finally going towards extinction while others thought it needed protection. This has led to a war over the state animal of Florida for many years.

This book features the inside and detailed view of the war that the author has so rightly named Manatee Insanity. Craig Pittman has written the account from his own experience of being involved in the war featuring the mammal. Through his journey, he had come across scientists, boaters, biologists, lawyers, politicians and citizens all of which he has mentioned in the book.

The Writing

The book tells the tale in the gripping language of Pittman. His investigative skills brought on by his career as a journalist reflect in his writing style, which makes this a winner.


We give it 4.5/5 stars. Manatee Insanity is recommended for all those who are concerned about endangered species and interested in the war that took place over them.