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Mad Love (French Modernist Library) – Book Review

No products found. is a French novel by surrealist and poet Andre Breton. It is translated into English by literature professor and author Mary Ann Caws. The book is a part autobiographical account of love and lovers. It is the study of the complex emotions and irrational behaviors love induces in the people whose hearts it has captured.

The Story

Mad Love or L’Amour fou in French is, simply put, a case study on love. The book explores the idea, emotion and the impact of love from the eyes of the author. Andre Breton is fascinated about how love manifests from things like poetry, relationships, objects, etc. and how it affects the person deeply so much to change his or her life completely. He also writes about his relationship with artist Jacqueline Lamba and his infant daughter in this novel.

In short, this novel is all about the expression of love, how it develops, through what it manifests, how it affects people and their relationship and their conscience. Explore the complex emotion of love and find why irrationality takes over the conscious as it starts experiencing love through this book.

The Writing

Reading about love being scientifically explained was very delightful. Mary Ann Caws has done a marvelous job of translating the original work. The writing is mostly poetic that beautifully draws the reader in.


Mad Love is a book to fall in love with! Though many people would not want to read about the study on love and experience it, this novel is recommended for all, more so the die-hard romantics. We rate it 4/5 stars.

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