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Homegrown in Florida by William McKeen

Homegrown in Florida is a book any Floridan can swear by. This book highlights the childhood days of Floridans. It features contribution from several writers, artists, politicians, etc. and is edited by William McKeen.

What’s Homegrown in Florida book about?

This novel or memoir is filled with memories of people who have spent their childhood in the lovely Florida. They speak of the best days of their life that were their childhood in the state. They would enjoy daily trips to beaches, ride bikes without the protective jackets in freezing winters, and had the advantage of living just a few meters away from magical theme parks.

The idea of this book came from a reunion of writers Bill McKeen, Tim Dorsey, and Jeff Klinkenberg. Their main topic of discussion was how the memories of their golden days of childhood were slowly slipping out of their memories and threatening to go into oblivion. This is when the idea of this book came. This book has emotional, nostalgic and wonderful accounts of various Floridans.

The contribution includes from writers, poets, politicians and entertainers, total thirty four of them, giving us an insight into their magical lives in the town with beautiful sunny days and mesmerising and celebratory evenings and nights.


We rate this book 4.5/5 stars. The aim of this book was to preserve and immortalise the childhood memories of the Floridans. But this is only relevant for those who have spent their growing up years here. For people who haven’t it aims to bring back their childhood memories and rediscover the joy and wonderment of their inner child. And Homegrown in Florida greatly succeeds in both its aims. This novel is highly recommended for everyone. Read it and you will feel tears sliding down your eyes and laughter reaching your heart without expecting them in this book!