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High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America – Book Review

Beginning with the cover of High on the Hog, I would like to rate 3.2/5- the cover is filled with mixed emotions. The cover throws in the emotions of racism in the past and other similar issues. I loved how the table is a metamorphic way of indicating the way food divided and united people (not sure if that’s what is portrayed by the author, but that’s what I inferred).

Speaking of the title combined with the book cover, it sounds very right-on-the-face type of title, but the content is layered, emotional and educational. The cover or title did not blatantly give away the context of the story but is definitely a must-read for history lovers. I would rate the title a 3.5/5.

The plot revolves around the historical period when racism was found in every inch of the place. The content deals with other aspects too; if you pick the book to read just only about the food, you can be disappointed. The book is dipped in complete historical elements and it is very informative – recommended for school kids to know more of the past. Not really a spoiler, but all I want to say is that the content is scary and teary.

Author, Jessica B. Harris has penned in such a way that the content goes in an emotional spiral throughout the story, yet reaches right on the senses. The language employed is very simple and therefore, it is to follow, with not much need for a dictionary.

Some might find it depressing as the emotions involved are quite complex and thus it would be good if young-adults and above such age-group read the book. I loved every part of the story as the author has carried the characters very well and has made sure that they are fully developed; readers can understand the core context of what the characters are feeling and that’s the best part! Its a lifetime treasure.

The Good

  • Well developed characters
  • The overall flow of the book is pretty decent and I completed it in one week

The Bad

  • The author could have focused more on the editing part, as the book has numerous punctuation troubles.


Speaking of the overall book, I would like to rate the novel a whopping 3/5 and would recommend for young adults to understand the complexity of emotions involved. Most recommended for history lovers. If you love cooking in addition to history, then the book is spot-on!