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Greek by Theo Dorgan – Book Review

Poetry is the queen of writing. It gives a melodic and magical touch to everything it touches. And that is true to every sense of the word for the Greek by Theo Dorgan. This compilation of poems and verses makes it a delightful read for lovers of this style of writing.

The book is about Orpheus, a popular musician, poet and prophet who appeared in Greek mythology. The beautiful thing about the book is that Theo Dorgan has merged the mythical world with the current one, giving it an alluring feel.

His Orpheus is not the mythical one but one who belongs to this generation. Orpheus expresses his heart’s emotions to his love interest, Eurydice, who is frozen in time in the past. The book explores their passionate and tortured love affair through mystifying poetic lines.

The sorrows, pain and passion experienced by a lover are beautifully declared through vivacious, soothing and even sensuous writing by Theo Dorgan in this collection.

The cover of the book might strike you as odd but is quite tasteful if you look at it closely. It brilliantly connects with the theme of the book that is a mix of mythology and contemporary.
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We rate Greek with 4/5 stars. Greek by Theo Dorgan is for anyone who likes reading poems about love and its many emotions.