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Firefight: A Reckoners Novel – eBook Review

No products found. is the second book in the superhero series by Brandon Sanderson. This book follows the first one named Steelheart (The Reckoners) and completes the gripping series is the 3rd book – Calamity (Reckoners 3).


Firefight: A Reckoners Novel follows the young adult fantasy story about people with superpowers from the 1st book in the series. But unlike the superheroes, these are people with evil intentions. The special powers only make these people want more of it, through any means. These supervillains have made life hell for many people. When there are negative forces in action, an opposite force has to emerge to fight them and restore balance and harmony.

So enter the Reckoners, formed by David, the protagonist. These people are determined to rid the world of the powerful and corrupted supervillains. Their main target is the head of their group, Steelheart, who turns everything he touches into steel and who is the reason David’s parents aren’t alive.

Firefight is very similar to Steelheart when it comes to storyline. In the 1st book, the Reckoners were able to kill Steelheart. But in this book, another evil force, a larger one than the previous, is left to be vanquished. Without divulging too much, we just want to say, Firefight is an action-packed, fantasy novel that can blow your mind with its amazing plot and revelations at the end.

The Good

  • The action sequences
  • Characters connect you to the story

The Bad

  • The repeated swear words, which are actually created by the author are annoying
  • The story paces and becomes more interesting only in the last 100 pages


Firefight: A Reckoners Novel gets 3.5/5 stars. This novel had such great possibilities of becoming a great book on young adult fantasy. Yet, it fails somewhere and triumphs somewhere. It only generates interest when it is about to reach its end, which is quite disappointing because it is 432 pages long.

But overall, this book is worth reading for its fabulous action sequences, characters and fantasy things. Start reading Steelheart if you haven’t to read Firefight and the next novel, Calamity (Reckoners 3).

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