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Find Your Rainbow: Color and Create Your Way to a Calm and Happy Life

Beginning with the cover of the book, I would like to rate it 3/5 for its incredibly cherishing vibe which kind of throws back to the childhood days for adults. Not a negative review but I personally felt that the cover could have been a bit better to actually represent what’s inside. As far as the combined understanding of the title Find Your Rainbow and cover of the book, it gives an overall blissful feeling and I like it; would rate the combination as 4.5/5

I gifted this tor my 9-year-old niece and another for her 12-year-old closest companion. The two of them adored them! My niece has been chipping away at this book each night at a bed and it has prodded incredible talk between us as she truly figures out how to act naturally mindful in a truly funny manner.

As a functioning family member, I value the growing interaction and a subsequent healthy discussion through this book. Unquestionably one of the better diary type books out there. Too charming representation style and excellent subtitles. You can tell a great deal of adoration went into each page of the book.

She is cherishing it, each exercise has kept her intrigued and locked in. She returns to it every day. It’s pleasant that it’s drawing in but the degree of activity per day keeps changing. Outwardly it’s extremely fun and beautiful and the substance is extraordinary for engaging little youngsters and young men. It was an ideal gift!


Speaking of the overall book, I would like to rate the novel a 4/5 and would recommend for young adults to relieve stress these days that they experience due to various reasons like academic stress.