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Eric Clapton: Slowhand – Book Review

Slowhand is a biographical novel on the man who took the rock music world by storm- Eric Clapton. This biography is written by Philip Norman, the author of the bestselling novel Shout!. Here is a review of his latest book.

What is it about?

Slowhand: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton is all about the music star’s behind the scenes persona. It carries details about his personal life, rather than his musical journey and his shot to fame in the rock genre. The name of the book Slowhand is derived from the nickname given to the singer in real life because of his clumsiness with broken strings. His personal life as revealed in the book couldn’t be more contradictory to his professional one. He was a victim of a drug overdose that affected his creativity and made him live isolated. He was also a womanizer.

Philip Norman suggests Clapton’s such behavior could be due to his disturbed childhood. He was abandoned by his mother so she could take care of another family living overseas. Clapton was brought up by his grandmother, whom he thought to be his mother.

There is a very slight mention of Clapton’s music life which may be a blow for fans. This book is only interested in his addictions with intoxicating substances, his various girlfriends and the wonderful stories about his fellow rockers.

The writing

This book is Norman’s one of the best works. He brings alive the scenes from the guitarist’s life with lucid prose. Norman has also included testimonies by people in support of the incidents mentioned in the book. This gives more depth to the biography.


We rate the book 3.5/5 stars. Go for Slowhand: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton to read about the guitarist and singer’s life as it is in real life and know how stardom can ruin and play with some people’s minds and lives.