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Descent: A Novel – Book Review

Mystery and thriller literature are like junk food that we all crave once in a while. Descent by Tim Johnston seemed like a great book to satiate our craving for a mystery read. There are many things to like and not like in this book. Here is our review of the novel.

What’s It About?

Descent, meaning moving downwards or falling, is a novel featuring events that cascade into a dark, unbelievable and dangerous pit. The story starts with a family of four, parents and their teenage kids, going on a vacation in Colorado. They were all hoping for a great time together when tragedy strikes.

The 18-year-old daughter, named Caitlin, disappears; she had gone out for a run in the mountainous ranges. Even after months of frantic search, she is to be found nowhere, whether dead or alive. While the mother finally gives in and returns to their home, the father and son remain behind and continue tailing the police investigation and undergoing search on their own to get back Caitlin.

Will Caitlin have the same determination and courage to fight her ill fate and emerge scathed but brave and confident? When and how the father-son duo finds Caitlin, what dark mysteries are revealed at the end remains to be seen in this chilling story.

The Writing

When you search this title on Amazon, Goodreads and other book sites, words that you will continuously come across are ‘an absolute page-turner,’ ‘stay up all night read,’ ‘literary thriller.’ The credit of this goes to the author’s masterful writing style. Tim Johnston’s style of telling this gripping story through lyrical and poetic language works like magic. His characterizations may seem weak, but he makes up for it with his flowing and beautiful writing style and tone.

The Good

  • The hauntingly beautiful and lyrical language is quite unusual for a thriller novel.
  • Heart thudding and pulse-pounding twists and turns.

The Bad

  • The gruesome events and sufferings faced by the characters may make the weak-at-heart flinch and put the heart-racing thriller down.


We rate it 4.5/5 stars. Descent is a brilliant and masterful thrilling story any day, thanks to its unique writing approach. Get your copy today and DO NOT READ IT WHILE TRAVELLING!