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Croak by Gina Damico – Book Review

Beginning with the cover of the book, I would like to rate 3.5/5, mysterious, creepy and full of Halloween vibes. Pretty much, my kind of cover!

Speaking of the title combined with the book cover, it sounds very gory, but the content profoundly layered and is more like a fight between the inner good and the inner bad. It is a must-read for literature lovers. I would rate the title a 4/5.

To me, Croak by Gina Damic felt like a reconsidered release of Harry Potter, yet rather than wizards, it was the universe of messengers of death. Primary character is pushed into this supernatural world that couldn’t in any way, shape or form exist (yet it does) and needs to get familiar with the ropes before long in this incredible new grand slam (by this insane yet-wise-elderly person), making idiosyncratic companions and two or three ridiculous adversaries, ends up being a genuine character in this new condition, and afterward should vanquish a malevolent virtuoso. Gracious, and there’s this splendiferous beverage that takes everybody’s breath away, yet us muggles will never taste any semblance of it.

Notwithstanding the way that I was citing Harry Potter all through the entire thing, this book was delightful in its own manner. It was cunningly punny (truly, punny), the story was fascinating, and I adored the characters. I was snared onto the entire set of three-part of the way through and prepared for book two! The language employed is straightforward and therefore, it is to follow, with not much need of a dictionary.

However, at many points, the characters seem not-so-fully-developed, the Gina Damic could look into the same in the upcoming works.


Speaking of the overall book, I would like to rate the novel a whopping 3.2/5 and would recommend for young adults to understand the complexity of emotions as well as the gory details involved. Most recommended for literature lovers.