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CIRCE (#1 New York Times Bestseller) – Book Review

CIRCE is a 2019 published novel by acclaimed writer Madeline Miller. The book, since its release in April, has garnered the attention of both critics and readers alike. It has already been named as the book of the year by The Guardian, Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Goodreads, People, Amazon and many more. It is also New York Times #1 Bestseller. Here is our review of what we thought about this highly praised book.

The Story

CIRCE is an offspring of the gods. But unlike her powerful and dangerous parents, she has none of the qualities that make her belong to the world she is a part of. This results in her being shunned from all those she calls her own. But Circe has an unusual power that is dark and can threaten the power of the Gods. Sensing this, the Gods send her off to the island of Aiaia, where she is left on her own.

Now all by herself, Circe starts practicing her craft, casting spells, collecting unusual herbs and controlling wild beats on the island. She slowly gains expertise in her craft and garners the strength and power that can easily compete and even defeat the men and gods. On the island, she comes across many characters from the mythological world, including Odysseus.

This impactful story then follows the journey of how Circe realizes her relationship with God and herself. It is about how she lives her life on her own rules, challenging all those (men) who think it in their authority to tell her how to live her own life.

Madeline Miller takes the witch from the classic Odyssey and gives her a life of her own. She, through the protagonist, gives voice to the significant issues faced by women today and tells it is possible to live your life on your terms without the need to be guarded or looked over.


Madeline Miller weaves magic with her words that makes the book hard to put down. There is a charm in her language that pulls the reader into the mystifying world with every word. Her characters, especially Circe, are memorable.


Circe gets 4.5/5 stars from us. We loved the new approach to the mythological tale. This one is a must pick for readers who have never ventured into the old Greek mythology classics. This new rendition will appeal to the generation of today, giving them a taste of the old stories with a contemporary touch.