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Bobby vs Girls (Accidentally) by Lisa Yee

A Funny, Coming of Age Book for Young Kids..

Bobby vs Girls (Accidentally) is a light and fun read. Author Lisa Yee offers an insight into the world of young kids, how their relationships with their friends and parents change as they are readying to cross the threshold of adulthood.

Story plot

This story is about a boy named Bobby, Bobby Ellis-Chan to be precise. The title of the book itself points out his dislike for girls. He thinks all his life’s problems are because of the girls he is associated with. Be it his sister, or a girl named Jillian Zarr, or his once best friend Holly Harper. But the girl he feels has caused more trouble to him than others is Jillian. She is the reason Holly and Bobby don’t share the same friendship as before.

After being around Jillian, Holly just changed, a lot. Where earlier she would enjoy rock hunting and roll down the hills with Bobby, now shopping for clothes and hanging out with Jillian is what excites her the most. But Bobby doesn’t care if she doesn’t care but there’s just one problem. Holly knows secrets about Bobby that she might use against him in their upcoming Student Council representative elections.


The light, funny, descriptive writings by Lisa Yee are matched with engaging illustrations by Dan Santat. The writing and illustrations really uplift the story. It is mainly descriptive, which makes it delightful for young kids. And the humor wins this book additional marks!


Bobby vs Girls (Accidentally) gets a 4/5 stars from me. I simply loved the way the author brought together the issues, small and big, that trouble young kids in a charming story. This is why I think this book is enjoyable by even those who have passed the years of teenage.