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Athanasius: The Life of Antony of Egypt (Classics in Spiritual Formation) – Book Review

Athanasius: The Life of Antony of Egypt is a classic in the spiritual formation genre. It is written by Albert Haase, a popular name in spiritual writings. He has authored many other books on the subject like Becoming an Ordinary Mystic, Coming Home to Your True Self and Living the Lord’s Prayer.

The Story

Athanasius tells the story of St. Antony, one of the most influential church fathers. It explores his early life and his retreat into spiritualism and the battles he faces in the spiritual path. The life story of St. Antony teaches us a lot about spiritualism and of ways to make it a way of life.

Readers who enjoy this genre will be delighted to read such an in-depth, inspiring and enlightening account of one of the most renowned saints in the history of Christianity. The book also includes some lesser-known and found pieces of Athanasius’s writing, such as Letter to Dracontius, Festal Letters 39, among others.


We rate this book 4/5 stars. Spiritual books may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is recommended for everyone to gain an insight into your true self and know the actual meaning of existence. Athanasius: The Life of Antony of Egypt should be read widely to understand the life of the Christian saint and learn things about the self and God.