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And Then There Were None – Book Review

We don’t know about you, but we are die-hard fans of Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries. And, And Then There Were None is among our favourites.

Damn, we already gave our verdict, right at the start of the review!!

Story Plot

The story of the novel is as mysterious and haunting as the title of the book. Rightly named And Then There Were None, this Agatha Christie creation will make you shudder. No, there are no ghosts in it. But the murderer operates much like a ghost throughout.

It’s set in the year 1939 when Europe is about to be engulfed in World War 2. But before the war, there is something strange happening on an isolated island near the Devon coast. 10 people receive invitations to come to the island. Each one accepts and reaches only to find their hosts, Mr. and Mrs. U.N. Owen, missing.

All of them, strangers to each other, react to the situation differently. Then, no sooner had they landed on the island, a recorded message accuses each one of a crime and why they were invited on the island. They will be punished for the heinous crimes that they escaped from the law. And one by one, the murderer kills all of them present. You keep guessing about the mystery of each death and who did it till the very end. The end is baffling.


It’s Agatha Christie. You cannot pick any fault in her writing! But that’s just us fans speaking. The writing style of Christie is mysterious; it conceals a lot in its depth than meets the eye, creating the perfect nail-biting setting that is such a high requirement in crime novels.


A full 5 stars! If you haven’t read any Agatha Christie novel yet (seriously, how could you?!), we strongly recommend starting with this one. This is one of her most unusual work. You can then move on to her novels featuring the famous detectives Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Tommy and Tuppence and other non-detective ones.