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Alligators in B-Flat: Improbable Tales from the Files of Real Florida (Florida History and Culture)

Alligators in B-Flat is a non-fiction book about some of the dangerous animals that lurk in the tropical state of Florida. This distinctively named book is written by journalist-author Jeff Klinkenberg.

What is Alligators in B-Flat about?

This book is a collection of many things that are beautifully blended into a single book. Jeff has given insight into both the past and the present animals that call Florida their home. There are various stories highlighting how modern and advanced Florida has always co-existed with animals such as snake, panthers, alligators, bears and more. The author also gives a sneak peek into the rich and carefree Florida culture that makes Florida a unique world within the world.

The title of the book comes from the story the author wrote in 2007. He got the idea of the story from a report that claimed a connection between musical note B flat with a mating bellow of an alligator.

After delighting the reader with the various animals and the unexpected places they are found, the novel moves on to express grief and shock over some of the species facing the threat of extinction. The author reveals the saddening reasons behind this being human greed, degradation of the environment and mass construction.

His stories take us from swamps to fishing camps to even country stores, museums and libraries letting us view Florida from every nook and cranny and get a taste of its culture, people and animals.

The writing

The writer has attempted to present the exhilarating and real stories in a funny and lyrical language. This works as you find yourself thoroughly enjoying yourself reading the accounts of Floridians and its fauna inhabitors.


We give Alligators in B-Flat: Improbable Tales from the Files of Real Florida 4 stars. It is quite delightful and enjoyable and also informative.