About Us

Who We Are?

We are IWBooks- a place where you get to know Everything About Books. In short, we breathe, drink, live books! Books are our passion. This is the best introduction that we can come up with about ourselves. But let us reveal more, just for you 😊

IWBooks was started some years back by book lovers and voracious readers. The aim was to enlighten all kinds of readers with book reviews, recommended readings by our editors, etc. On our site, you can find information on books in almost every category- 

  • Kids
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Self Help
  • Motivational

You can find much more than book reviews to enrich your literary mind on our site. We offer recommendations based on a particular category through extensive research and personal tastes. For book series, we provide a list of them in their respective reading order so ardent fans don’t miss any in it!

Our Goal 

In this digital age where our attention spans and reading time have reduced drastically, IWBooks strives to give you quick information about your favorite books and the ones you are interested in. Our reviews and info are meant to enrich all the readers out there about the books they love and to decide which book they should read next.

How Do We Review

Our review process is simple and highly enjoyable because we get to read so many different kinds of books! We first- 

Identify the books based on their categories such as kids, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, etc. so we know who amongst us will be the right reader and judger of the book. 

We then take to our favorite corners and read

After finishing reading, we write reviews completely based on our own thoughts about it. We try to say what we felt about the books in a crisp and engaging way so that it holds our readers’ attention, making them forget their habit of scrolling and skipping through the content.

How We Make Money?

For each review that we post, we earn a small commission via amazon affiliate. This feature enables us to promote the books available on Amazon on our site by creating links. Amazon pays us for each promotion and that’s what keeps our website going.

How We Choose Books?

Books are usually in these following categories-

  • Kids
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Self Help
  • Motivational

We first divide books based on the category and then create a list of must-read books for all the categories. For e.g. for readers who like fantasy fiction books, we make it easier for them to find them all in one place by shortlisting all the best ones and creating a blog out of it. We usually shortlist 50-100 books through our own personal choices. 

Another way we choose books is by both offline and online library survey, to see which ones are popular and loved by readers.

Editorial Guidelines

The whole point behind forming a platform for book lovers was to offer the most diverse and engaging information about all kinds of books for our different sets of readers. We want to be able to be your go-to site for any information you need on books. All the reviews, lists, information that you find on our site are provided by our book-loving editorial team with no compensation accepted for any recommendations. We clearly mention if a review is sponsored, if not, it isn’t.

Contact Us

Write for Us

Experienced writers with a love for books are welcome at IWBooks. We are always happy to invite writers to review books or share their must-read book lists with us. If you want to share your opinion about some of the books you have read, irrespective of whether it’s old or new, email us on [email protected] and let us take this forward!

Work with Us

If you want to work full time as a writer with us reviewing books and more, then we would like to hear from you. You need to have some experience as a writer and must be a voracious reader to apply for the position. You can share your past work with us so we can process your application. 

We also looking for designers for our website. Experienced, patient, self-motivated, and dedicated designers do apply.


We are always looking for ways to help you. So, if you have any questions that you want cleared, don’t hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you!