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A People’s History of the United States – Book Review

A People’s History of the United States is a classic. The novel by Howard Zinn was termed iconic right from the time it was released back in 1980. It still holds popularity for its compelling story about the history of Americans through voices that were long oppressed in the name of a class, gender and colour.

A People’s History of the United States is literary that- the account of the history of the people of America. Howard Zinn tells the story of past America and its people without glossing over the truth or concealing facts. He has written a straightforward account of what it was for a financially poor or lower-class person to live in the US some decades ago. The book is about how the power of some people over the others and how they ruined a society as a whole and disrupted the harmonious balance we are all supposed to be living in.

We don’t know how accurate the facts presented in the book are, but we do know this, Zinn’s book is a lesson on how greed, power and the sense of pride of some people can make most of the society suffer.

Though America may have left its past behind, oppression still is a reality in some parts of the world. We still get news of people being bullied and harassed at workplaces, households, on the streets at the hands of people who think themselves to be in a dominant position.

The author offers a solution to fighting oppression. In his opinion, oppression of the weaker or vulnerable section of the society will only subside when all the people are put on the same level. He states the powers need to be distributed among all equally. The book details his vision to which many people agree and some don’t. You decide after you read the book.


We would like to give A People’s History of the United States 3.5/5 stars. If you are a history geek and like reading about people from other countries and human greed and aspirations, it is an excellent book to spend your free afternoons with.